When it comes to wellness, hydration and that healthy glow we all crave, Rose Water is one of the most widely used elixirs as a hydrating toner and natural skin refresher.  Here at Diana’s Day Spa we promote and use it frequently.  What most however don’t know is how good it is for your insides too when ingested!  That’s right one of our little spa secrets that we want to share with our online spa guests is that Rose Water is amazing for creating that rosey hydrated glow from the inside out. In fact it has numerous positive effects on our bodies when ingested.

  Consuming Rose Water on a regular basis helps flush out break out causing toxins leaving your skin clear and healthy.  Also known for its amazing effects on your digestive system.  Because rose water naturally flushes toxins out of our bodies our digestive systems are able to work flawlessly.  In turn our immune systems are boosted because there is no extra strain on the body to function properly.  Rose water is also known for it’s anti-inflammatory capabilities as well as it is a natural antibacterial healing antiseptic.  Still there is more that Rose Water offers our bodies and mind!  Rose water is a known mood enhancer and has calming abilities to help us relax and de-stress.

There are many ways you can incorporate rose water into your daily routine and you will soon be amazed at all the positive effects it has on your body.  Having a get together with the ladies?  Make fresh lemonade with rose water.  Or perhaps add it to champagne to help stay refreshed from the dehydrating effects of alcohol!  We encourage you to use it both for external skin care as well as the wellness flourishing effects it has on our insides too.

To make your own rose water elixir at home follow the recipe as listed.  It is such a simple thing to make with almost no time spent at all.  The amazing effects you start to see and feel will have you thanking us for this amazing secret!



       Rose Water Recipe

1 cup firming packed rose petals

2 cups boiling hot water

Let steep until water is cool

Get all water out of rose petals

   Strain into a spray bottle for face

       Keep in the fridge in a mason jar for adding to recipes!